Plate Processing

Paul’s is well equipped to handle limited production runs as well as one-off plate processing needs. Our CNC laser, waterjet and press brake produce clean, accurate parts true to engineering specs, with minimum setup. This makes us well suited for R&D and product development. Our manual machines expand our capabilities in the job-shop arena and are especially useful for repair work.
Our state of the art plate processing is often the first step in the machining and fabrication process, and leverages our ability to succeed on your toughest projects.
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Equipment & Capabilities

Trumpf Trumatic
L3030 Laser
60” x 120” x ¾” Thick Steel
Flow WaterJet Mach 4
6’ x 12’ x 8” Thick
Trumpf TrumaBend
V130 CNC Press Brake
10’ Width (140 Ton)
HTC Press Brake
12’ Width (300 Ton)
HTC Shear
12’ Width x ½ Thick Steel
Wysong Shear
10’ Width x 10 Gage Steel
Bertsch Roller
10’ Width x ¼” Thick Steel