Environmental, Health, and Safety Policy Statement

We are committed to protecting the health and safety of each employee as the overriding priority of the company. There will be no compromise of an individual’s well-being in anything we do. The implementation of actions to help realize a healthy, injury-free work environment is a leadership responsibility.

To help ensure that policy commitments are translated into appropriate actions, we recognize the importance of employee participation.  We have a commitment to continual improvement of employee health and safety.  Finally, the company must conduct operations in compliance with applicable laws and regulations, as well as in conformance with our own environmental, health and safety standards.


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Through management leadership and employee participation, the company pledges to:

  • Create a safe and healthy workplace
  • Build a respect for the environment, wisely using and conserving natural resources, and conducting our activities in a sustainable manner
  • Continually improve its environmental, health, and safety performance
  • Conform to the spirit as well as the letter of applicable laws and regulations, and to the company’s environmental, health, and safety requirements
  • Integrate environmental, health, and safety considerations into business and project planning, decision making, design, construction, operations, maintenance, decommissioning of equipment and facilities, and daily activities
  • Use our Integrated Environmental, Health, and Safety Management System to protect human health and the environment through:
    • Defining the scope of work
    • Identifying and analyzing the hazards
    • Developing and implementing hazard controls
    • Performing work safely
    • Soliciting and using feedback for continuous improvement
    • Provide resources and training to carry out this policy; and
    • Communicate our environmental, health, and safety policy to the community, employees, and affected parties

Workers have the right, authority and responsibility to stop any task or operation where concerns or questions regarding the control of environmental, health, or safety risk or danger exist.  In such a case, the worker must immediately notify the affected worker(s) and their supervisor or their supervisor’s designee.

Maintaining a diligent questioning attitude is vital to safe execution of work, is a cornerstone to effective conduct of operations and is an essential part of our continuous improvement.