About Paul’s

Designing, manufacturing, installing, and servicing engineered solutions are Paul’s core services.  If you need new ideas to improve your existing automation equipment, or a capable outsource provider for your production components, we can partner with you to find a solution.  Paul’s provides new service parts, repair parts, components for equipment manufacturers, equipment reconditioning, automation of existing equipment, and automated new equipment.  If you need onsite repairs, modifications, or installations, our millwright teams bring to your site a comprehensive set of engineering and technical capabilities.  Together they can perform virtually any major outdoor or in-plant industrial machinery installation, repair, or upgrade.  Paul’s success and longevity are a testament to its record of providing high quality solutions to industries located throughout Central Illinois and beyond.

Our experienced workforce evolved from decades of adapting proven techniques to advanced technologies and processes.  Our size and agility allow us to respond to ever changing customer and industry demands.  Employees pride themselves in tackling the unique and difficult, and most are cross trained to provide more flexibility and to promote inter-department collaboration on tough issues. Paul’s cadre of skilled project managers, engineers, machinists, fabricators, welders, CNC operators, and millwrights sustain a culture of quality and customer satisfaction.  At Paul’s, we are perpetuating our heritage of innovation.


PAUL’S was founded by Paul L. Cler in 1951. What began as a small start-up business with a vision has evolved into a modern manufacturing and industrial service facility. Paul’s continually updates its facilities to maintain a competitive edge. Paul’s anticipates continued growth.


Become the preferred trusted partner to manufacturing in the Midwest by providing innovative, full service solutions at greater value, superior to the competition.


Our skilled team of professionals provides our customers with high quality, technical solutions. We offer sustainable financial outcomes for our team and our customers.


  • Integrity: We will be accountable and reliable by saying what we mean, following through on our promises, and being responsible for our actions.
  • Hard work: We are committed to providing value to our customers in everything we do.
  • Teamwork: We promote and support a diverse and unified team, working together to meet our common goals.
  • Respect: We respect our environment and our people.